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The Parish of Northenden, Manchester
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St. Wilfrid’s Parish Church
Ford Lane
M22 4WE
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Picture Gallery
Crocus time!
4/03/07: It’s crocus time again at St. Wilfrid’s!
Russian dolls
4/03/07: Russian dolls created by members of the Sunday Club for the Lyra concert.
All Things Bright and Beautiful
4/03/07: “All Things Bright and Beautiful” artwork by members of the Sunday Club.
Scramblers artwork
20/02/07: Artwork created by members of Scramblers.
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Scramblers at work
20/02/07: Artwork in the making by members of Scramblers.
Scramblers little hands
20/02/07: Scramblers little hands at work.
01/03/07: Lyra musicians from St. Petersburg, Russia - Andrey, Anna, Olga & Gavriil.
01/03/07: Lyra musicians from St. Petersburg, Russia singing at St. Wilfrid’s.
Lyra Vocal Ensemble Lyra concert
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