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LYRA Vocal Ensemble Concert
Once again we had the pleasure of hosting another concert given by 3 members of LYRA, the Russian ensemble from St. Petersburg on Monday 5th May 2008. The concert comprised a mixture of Russian Orthodox Church sacred music and Russian folk songs.  The concert was another great success with 140 people attending.  The music was performed with the usual enthusiasm, passion, professionalism and humour by Andrey, Zlata and Natalia.  
From the left:
Natalia Andreeva,
Andrey Sysoev,
And Zlata Gogol
About Lyra
Lyra is a vocal ensemble from St. Petersburg, Russia. Most of  the singers are professional musicians and graduates of St. Petersburg Conservatoire. Through their performances they want to introduce the enormous musical heritage of the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as the traditions of Russian folk music, to people outside of Russia.  Lyra generally tours in small groups of 4 or 5 members and they regularly give concerts throughout Western Europe - Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden and they also make annual concert trips to the USA. During March 2007 they performed at 26 venues across Great Britain having started with St. Wilfrid’s in Northenden.

    If you would like to read and hear more about Lyra then please visit their     website at
140 people  attended the concert at St. Wilfrid’s