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The Parish of Northenden, Manchester
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St. Wilfrid’s Parish Church
Ford Lane
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The Organ and the Bells
The church organ is a two manual Harrison, built about 1960, in an ornate case designed to blend with the church.  The console is in the north chapel, but the pipes are located at the west end, backing on to the tower.
The Church Bells are a ring of six, cast by Abraham Rudhall of Gloucester in 1750 (with the fifth recast in 1777 after it was cracked).  The tenor weighs 15cwt. (ca. 750kg) and sounds F. The bells are unusual in that they are hung diagonally in the tower ~ an arrangement probably used so that the sixth bell could be fitted in.  Prior to 1750 there had been five:  an inquisition in 1549 mentions “v” bells, and one in 1548 “iv”.

Around the crown of the bells there is a kind of poem, with a line on each, beginning on the Treble:
Tr. Here goes my brave boys
2. I’ll follow with spirit and pleasure
3. Hark how merry my friends are before me
4. My half note is the increase of your pleasure
5.  ???
6. When with my sweet tone you’re covered, sir.
The original line on the fifth was destroyed when it was recast, and the inscription simply records the churchwardens who had that work done.  
The sixth also has the following:
The generous subscription of Jno. Worthington, Gent.,
adds dignity to our sound.  Ab. Rudhall cast us all, 1750.

Further details, including the poetic “rules to be obferved” by ringers, are contained in a booklet on the bells, available from the church address.

Visiting teams of ringers are welcome to “grab the tower”.  Contact the Rector to arrange.  We currently only ring for weddings (with outside help) and toll for some funerals, but a local team may re-form in 2006.
Harrison & Harrison are makers and restorers of pipe organs. They are best known for such large-scale organs as those in King's College Cambridge, Westminster Abbey, and the Royal Festival Hall, London.
View towards West end and the organ pipes
The Harrison Organ