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The Parish of Northenden, Manchester
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St. Wilfrid’s Parish Church
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Weddings, Baptisms, Confirmations and Funerals
How to arrange weddings, baptisms, confirmations, funerals:

The Church is available for “Occasional Offices”, that is, for weddings, funerals, and baptism and confirmation.  Please contact the Rector to discuss the details of these (0161 998 2615), which can be complicated (sorry!)  

For a Wedding, one of you needs to live within the parish or to attend the church regularly if you live outside it.  Other alternatives may be possible, so get in touch anyway if you are interested in getting married here. If either of you has been divorced, you will need to discuss this before we can agree to taking a marriage service for you, but we are happy to talk about it, and do not rule it out on principle.
Please view, save or print our Wedding Flier with some basic information to help you.

For inquiries about Funerals you are welcome to contact the Rector direct, though most often people work through a funeral director.  You might wish to hold the funeral service in the church, or arrange for the burial in our churchyard ~ or to inter ashes after a cremation;  you might also wish Northenden clergy to take a service at a crematorium, and all these are possible.  Again, ring 0161 998-2615.

As far as Burials are concerned, if you have a family grave already, and there is space in it, there should be no problem;  if you do not have such a grave, we may be able to offer space in ground that went out of use over a hundred years ago;  please feel free to ask about this, or about the interment of ashes in an existing grave or in a new ashes plot.  (You do not need to be an Anglican to use the churchyard: it is a parish facility, and clergy from other churches are welcome to be involved in the committal here.)

To install or alter a Memorial you will need the Rector’s permission;  please talk to him, preferably before committing yourself to a mason’s work.

Adults and Children may be Baptised as a sign of commitment to the Christian faith and the church. We normally do this at morning services on the 3rd Sunday in a month.  Again, contact the Rector to talk about this.  

Confirmation is an opportunity for people from 11 to 111 to consider their faith in more detail, to affirm for themselves the promises made at their baptism, and to commit themselves to a fuller membership of the church.  There is usually a confirmation in this area every six months or so;  to find out more, talk to the Rector after church, or ring to arrange a discussion about it.