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The Parish of Northenden, Manchester
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St. Wilfrid’s Parish Church
Ford Lane
M22 4WE
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Letter from the Rector
Whatever it is that has prompted you to visit this website, welcome!  If you plan to visit the area, or have just moved in, please introduce yourself in person when the opportunity arises.  We aim to worship God, and support the community here in various ways, and would be happy to welcome you, whether for one weekend, or more regularly.
If you are interested in local history, there is quite a bit of it to get your teeth into (and this website will give you some hints about it)  If it is family history or a family connection with the church, again, there are some interesting records, though the oldest of these are now held in the greater security of Manchester’s Central library (see the later page for details).
If you are actually looking for another St.Wilfrid’s in the neighbourhood (there are at least four whom directory enquiries confuse with us!), sorry ~ but we may have their phone number, if nothing else.
So, now read on!
 Yours faithfully
Greg Forster